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  1. Gus

    Spark and Colorado

    Hi all, I’ll be traveling to Keystone, CO in the middle of January. I contacted the hotel and they said drones are forbidden in the resort. Any thoughts on finding places to fly near there? Thanks, GP
  2. N

    The Best of Denver

    I pieced this vid together using Wondershare Filmora. It's from my Dec visit to Denver. I continue to be disapointed with the quality of vids and photogs the Spark produces but I knew this wasn't 4k going in. Nevertheless the Spark is both fun and expiermental. Not now...but some day I may move...
  3. N

    Roxbouorgh State Park Pano - DJI Spark

  4. N

    Rocks of Roxobouorgh

    This was my second visit to the Denver this year and both times I made special trips to photograph the amazing beauty set within the geologic "hogbacks" (red rock formations) just south of Denver. Roxborough is known for its wildlife, including mountain lions So I sent my drone up. I took 46...