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F1C50 Pinout


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Jun 14, 2022
I'm searching for F1C50 power supply pinout.

I would use another power supply on my Chargin Hub.
Any idea?
Ok, I should have tried first.
It's same battery pinout :)

Using 2 pin I can power up the Charging hub.
Charging hub start working from 8V but use always same input current from 8 to 13V: 2A.

This mean that greater voltage greater power (W=V*I).
At 8V = 16W
At 13V = 26W
(Excluding current consumed by charger)

I don't know what's the max voltage of Charging hub and I'll not risk over 13V.

I'll use a 5S drill battery (4Ah-5 cells) connected to a DC-DC converter to feed the Charging hub.
Then, I'll be able to charging like a portable station.
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14.00V is the max voltage before the led turn into red (but still working).

14V means 28W (with a stable 2A current).
With 28W the battery will be full charged in 35 minutes (starting from 0%).

Using a DC-DC converter from 8V to 14V we'll able to change the charging current (and time) from "long life battery" to "hurry, I'm late".

We can add a flat LiPo 3S 5000mAh, another DC-DC converter with current limiter (LiPo Charger), one or more USB 5V 2A charger (to charge controller) and a 3d printed higher back cover to make the perfect portable charger.
Last, but not least, a power switch beside the power connector.

Ok, it's a old idea (see Smatree) but I'm a newbie of Spark. Sorry.
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Thanks for sharing this! FYI. I have one I am willing to sell cheaply if anyone in the United States is interested.

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