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FAA Drone registration is Back.. Shame Spark isn't 55g lighter!


Jun 23, 2017
FAA Drone Registration is back...with immediate effect, if living or visiting the US make sure you register ridiculous penalties if you don't .

"Technically" it was never gone, just found to be illegal.... but just because it's illegal doesn't mean the Gubmint can't do it.

I've been registered all along. Just another day for me. ☺
Wonder how many of the mavrics on this forum will experience the rath of the FAA now that everyone has to now register their drone?
I bought a Spark fly more combo which arrived yesterday, and a kit to bring it down to just under 300 grams. That's the boundary in Italy: under 300 you can fly without the courses and exams, over 300 grams courses and exams get in the way at a price varying between 1200 and 2500 total, including the medical examination by a medic recognised by our FAA (ENAC). Looks like those prices are going down, now that the spark "300 grams kits" are selling strong: only 4 months ago the cheapest was 1800 now down to 1200 :)
I'll have to substitute the upper cover with a lightended one, then set up the prop guards and finally go through some bureaucraxy with ENAC and I'll be able to fly in urban areas, a thing that I can't do with a Mavic. And even If i passed all the exams and courses for flying my Mavic in town, I would still have way more restrictions than someone flying an under-300 grams drone.
That said, I can't wait to see how this puppy flies. It's ... TOO small! But I freakin' like it

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