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Flying Under An Old Stone Bridge, Over Water and Amongst Trees, Deep Creek Bridge, Basket Range, South Aust (DJI Spark)

Beautiful. I don't like flying under bridges... I've heard you will lose GPS and then the drone will go crazy... :)
Looks a little out of the way now... I wonder why they built it there and what the countryside looked like when they built it.
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Nice mate, I’m not sure about flying under a bridge myself, after my 1st attempt. Your bridge has more clearance, but the exit side looked like it has a few hazards.
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Great video! I figure that flying under that bridge is not a problem as it looks to be made entirely of stone and probably does not have any steel reinforcements inside of it which could cause signal issues.
Dan, thanks for that. I was there for a while, just inching the Spark further and further under the bridge, watching the screen like a hawk the whole time, getting ready to bug out. It never once went into Atti mode.
The road is obviously no longer used but must have been the main road between Ashton and Basket Range at some point.
Thanks Koala Tails, it’s the 1st time I’ve really attempted it. There were plenty of obstacles/hazards but what the footage doesn’t show is how close I actually was to the action and how many takes I had to do.
pmshop, yup, that was the SD Card, not the cache. I’ve had mixed results. Apparently it’s to do with your internet speed at the time. At least that’s what I read somewhere once.
Really good!
Fantastic reversing too. You're probably a great parallel parker:)
I like the perspective of the trees, a lot of people don't get that with drone videography. You have to get close...
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Gareth, I’m better than my wife at parallel parking but that’s not saying much, hahaha.
I agree, close-in footage makes for spectacular viewing, especially the backwards reveal type shots. The camera makes things look so much closer than they really are.
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Thanks Gareth, I used to like forward rising type shots but the best effects are definitely with the reversing reveal type shots.
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