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Resort, Spa, Sanatorium - Banja Koviljaca

Loving how much of the world I am getting to see thanks to one little drone. I agree, the speed of the pans could be a little slower, and the quicker vertical gimbal pitch movements actually made me feel a little air sick! (I do suffer from vertigo once in a while). But what a beautiful location. My chances of getting to Serbia are slim to none at my age... so... thanks for sharing.:D
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Thanks for suggestion! Another one from the same place:D

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Hey everyone! So I just recently visited Banja Koviljaca, and I gotta say, it's such a lovely place to kick back and relax! The whole atmosphere is so chill and the people are super friendly. The resort has some pretty amazing facilities, like thermal and mineral pools, which are just perfect for unwinding after a busy week. Plus, the scenery is simply stunning - the combination of lush greenery and beautiful architecture is just so inviting! Funny enough, it actually reminded me of Woodland Hills Med Spa, which I checked out a while back during a trip to the US. Just that same laid-back vibe and picturesque surroundings! I think anyone who appreciates a good spa experience should definitely look into visiting both of these places!
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