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RID ideas starting to show up

Well, here we are 13 days from the RID deadline and, sorry to say, I haven't found anything lower priced than the Db120 for a self- contained, compliant module. Several companies say they expect to field products "by or soon after Sept 16th". This thread's title was based on optimism, but thus far has been disappointing. At least those of you that have other DJI aircraft slated to receive a future firmware upgrade for compliance have that to look forward to.
Since the FAA granted a 6 month delay on the deadline for RID, there hasn't been a flood of new broadcast modules on the market. Drone maker Holy Stone has an FAA approved RID that reportedly works on UASs, not just their own models. Current pricing is around the $90 mark which is significantly better than most of the other makers offerings, but still much higher than the FAA's original projected price point of $50. We can hope that other modules will be forthcoming by the new deadline, but the Holy Stone is an option. It measures 1.54 x 1.18 x 0.51 inches (3.9 x 3 x 1.3 cm) and weighs 0.49 ounces (13 grams) without velcro, 0 .5 ounces (14.3 grams) with velcro. Online reviews look promising
I ran across a Cyber Monday deal on the Holy Stone remote ID module on Amazon for $71.99, normally $89.99. That's the lowest price I've seen on an FAA compliant remote ID module and the YT reviews look good, especially since it works with any brand UAS. If anyone is interested.

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