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[SOLD] Spark for Sale (Canada)

Northwood Mediaworks

Former Spark & Mavic Air 2 Flyer
Premium Pilot
Jan 15, 2018
Northern Ontario, Canada
Greetings all. Time to sell up old Sparky. Flymore combo, multiple accessories, including ND filters, extended landing gear, remote stick protectors, battery inflight protetctor, parabolic range extender and much more.... I am in Canada, so selling for $300 CDN obo, I will consider shipping but at additional cost, I can deliver in Ontario up to 400Km from North Bay area. Hard to let it go, but need to reduce the fleet a little. Nice little starter kit for a weekend warrior.

Best to all.


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Every device has its time and your Spark sure produced its share of memorable videos. Good luck with the sale Robin. Wish I'd sold mine back when the RID thing was finalized. Looks like sub-250gram manufactured before Sept. of 2022 is the way to go in the U.S..
Thanks Guys. I am pretty remote so not holding my breath. Will drop the price down in a bit..., see if that brings up some interest. Its going in the new drone fund.... whatever that may be. The Mavic Air 2 is next to go. Looking at possibly the Air 3, Mini 3 Pro or if I can persuade the wife, the Mavic 3 Classic. The MA2 is still a great drone, but I see the camera differences more and more with these newer ones. That's the appeal for me... the flying camera.
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I hope you can get approval for the M3C from your finance dept. and in my opinion I am glad that I got the Mini 2 and not the Mini 3 which has seen it's share of problems like flyaways for one thing. I am thinking of selling my remaining Spark as well too.
I might have found a buyer.... will know this Friday. Thanks for all the suggestions. And the finance department frown on all ideas (currently) so time will tell if the Mavic Air 2 goes on the chopping block soon or not. No RID in Canada just yet.. thankfully.
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Good luck with your sale. I recently sold mine (last May)and all the accessories for CAN$275. I didn't have the Flymore combo but I had the Charging Station and 3 good batteries with lots of accessories.

I replaced the Spark with a Mini 3 Pro and have not had a single problem with it. It is a great little drone and is capable of taking excellent photos and video.

Well, I can now say its a done deal, my Spark went to a good home.. I got $260CDN, which was less than I asked but I figured I would not be swamped with takers... it goes into the jar towards the next drone. Currently, I am now selling the Mavic Air 2.... its only been two days since I posed the ad... we shall see.
Congratulations on your sale. I found it hard to let my Spark go - it was an amazing drone. I probably would have held onto it if the battery time was better, there were third party batteries available, and it was <250g. Mine also went to a good home and with all of the accessories that I included with it, the gentleman who bought it got a good deal.

Good luck on your sale of your Mavic Air 2.


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