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SOLD ***Spark Kit for Sale*** SOLD


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Oct 12, 2017
ON, Canada
Never thought I would sell my venerable Spark, but I find I since I got my Mavic 3 I am not using it as much as I thought I would. I also would like to replace it with a sub 250g drone.

Kit includes:
•Spark, 615 flights never crashed, always hand launched and landed and in excellent condition. Recently tested and is working perfectly.
•3 batteries - 70, 67, and 30 charge cycles
•charging station
•Polar Pro filters - CP, ND8, ND16
•charger block and white USB charger, plus cable
•16cm iPhone OTG cable
•2 extra sets of props (1 set of Master Airscrew non foldable ones and another set of original DJI ones).
•2 battery clips
•Polar Pro phone holder (phone not included)
•Skyreat tablet holder (tablet not included)

The Spark was originally a white one but I changed the cover to blue. If I can find the white cover I will include it.

I am asking CDN$275 for everything. Buyer pays shipping and PayPal fees. I would like to keep this sale within Canada to keep it simple so I do not have to deal with the hassle of international shipping and transactions.

Feel free to ask any questions.


😢 No, I just couldn't, never.

Well, maybe I could, if I get an Avata or other FPV setup, but love my Spark kit to death (us do part).

Good luck with the sale and getting your sub 250g aircraft, what's in mind there ? DJI mini 3, Autel Nano, other ?
I never thought I would get to the point of selling my Spark - it's an amazing craft! But the long flight times of the Mavic 3 have spoiled me. I take 99% photos and do a lot of panos and need the flight time to compose my shots which the Spark does not have.

In Canada, the Spark is in the same category as my Mavic 3 and the same rules apply to it. I am probably going to get the Mini 3 drone only package as I already have the RC Pro (which I love) and now that it is compatible, I would be able to use it with the Mini 3 so I would be able to use one controller for both drones - something I have always wanted to be able to do.

Finally sold my Spark kit to a nice guy via Kijiji. The Spark has been one of the best drones I have ever owned even by today's standards with the Mavic 3s and Mini's. It is such a versatile drone. I am sure the new owner will get lots of great use out of it.

Follow up, didn’t realize that I had to log out of my DJI account on GO4 with the Spark on before selling it before the new owner could register it (according to DJI). Now I will be driving to meet the guy to get this straightened out so he can use his drone. I thought this proceed only existed with the newer DJI Fly app.

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Got the wrong information from the tech agent at DJI on the phone. When I did a chat with another agent I was given the correct information that confirmed what I had thought and what I had researched - that the Spark is not bound to a DJI account and therefore you don't need to logout of your account or have it with you.

I will help the new owner of my Spark get setup since he is a new drone user and is likely not aware of all the nuances in the WiFi setup for the Spark.


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