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UK Parabolic extender - Which one?


New Member
Sep 25, 2017
Just after some tried and tested help please.

These extenders seem to be hit and miss and I still can't work out of they are any use or just a waste of time.

My Spark with the RC will reach between 300-400m here in the UK.

Is there any improvement with these extenders and if so, which one (in the UK) are people using?

Thanks in advance!
I am using these one from EBAY. Works fine. You have always to take care that these reflectors are parallel to the antennas. There are good to poor one. They need to have a parabolic shape and the antenna at their convergence point. An easy test is with a laser pointer to check that any beam goes really to the antenna.
Some don't looks like parabolic or to keep the antennas at the correct position. The good point is that usually they are cheap.
I believe when you are using these extenders you must point the RC in the direction of your spark, they do extend the range in a straight line only..at least that's what I've found with my own testing.
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Yes, that's the idea behind parabolic reflectors. A perfect one will create a very narrow beam. By chance they are fare from perfect and the beam is not that narrow but you need to keep the RC in direction of the Spark.
Yes. In UK. Open countryside I have had more than 700m before rth. Adding the windsurfer immediately after and flying the same track gave me 1100m. You do need to concentrate on aiming.
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VERY IMPRESSIVE! Are these mods being done commercially for the masses yet, or still testing?
Awesome! Thank you for the info. With my style of flying it’s more for a solid connection to the aircraft and not on how far I can go. A 1/2 mile is pushing my line of sight. Lol,
But it is nice to be able to get that far without losing the connection and return home for lack of battery power and not a disconnect.

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