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I saw on your recent posts on this website that your controller is broken on your spark. If you are interested, I do have an extra controller I would sell cheaply. I am located in New Orleans but could ship it to New Bloomfield
Just a few of my birds


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I know this is a long shot considering you have not logged in here in a Long while. But here goes. Did you ever sell this combo? if not I am interested in the batteries, Not all of them maybe 1 or 2 if you were willing to sell them separately? Please let me know. Thanks for any consideration.
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Hi Vako,
just searching for alternative Spark battery connections and came across an old post of yours.
Could you share wht the connector is called please and where it can be purchased please?
Alternatively if I built my own connector which pin 20180711-205955.jpg is which please? ( + - )
thanks for any help!
Crazy, it's that time of year again, Cyber Monday 2020. Good news! We are seeing many retailers continuing many of the great Black Friday sales like the Mavic Mini, Action Cameras, and other gear!

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