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First Look at Easy Landscapes Collection Within Luminar AI Photo Editor

This is a unique editing experience with Luminar AI. This is a whole new way to edit our photos. Instead of starting from scratch, the new program gives you ideas that can be great places to start.

Hi Vako,
just searching for alternative Spark battery connections and came across an old post of yours.
Could you share wht the connector is called please and where it can be purchased please?
Alternatively if I built my own connector which pin 20180711-205955.jpg is which please? ( + - )
thanks for any help!
Crazy, it's that time of year again, Cyber Monday 2020. Good news! We are seeing many retailers continuing many of the great Black Friday sales like the Mavic Mini, Action Cameras, and other gear!

Saludos me llamo Solano V. me presento ante ustedes como un técnico de asistencia TI, me encanta mi profesión y para quien este interesado en saber en qué consiste este gran trabajo puede comunicarse conmigo y le puedo instruir con mis conocimientos de vida que él logró a través de los años.​

I got myself a 2nd Spark last week, but, here comes the frustrating bit. It won’t fly unless I download the latest firmware, but, try as I might, there’s absolutely no way that I can update it. Gets to 5% and then fails.
does anyone have any experience in this respect. Help please what can I do?
I’m happy tp report that DJI Support totally came through for me and are going to repair my Spark for free. The problem was simply that it wouldn’t take off, but just bounced up and down hitting the ground.
Thank you Ken and the rest of the Support Team!
Good Morning,
do you still have the dji go mod-45-spark-4.1.15-november-from-i.apk app and could probably share it ? cause i am looking for it..
Thanks in advance
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amazing range what are you flying? BTW it's very meditative.
This was Spark using Litchi Waypoint Missions. To my surprise, it did not disconnect when it got to the other side of the lake but even if it did, it would have continued the mission and eventually come back into range and connect again.
Just watched your active track video. Did you move on to a different drone? You haven't posted to the Spark forum for a long time. The video was terrific by the way
my dronie mode takes video going "slow fast slow" how can i make it take the video at normal speed ? thanks yall , new on the forum ,any help will be apreciated
selling spark 19 minutes since refurb brand new remote orignal carry pouch and smart tree case 3 extra batteries , eclippsie tab with it they get along great ,micro mini to micro mini connectors for andriod charging hub, car charger 16 gb factory sd card , the old remote for parts if needed and 4 HAWKS sr2 range extender and i strongly suggest installing it it,s made the spark a great machine in the feild,and more

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