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Recent content by Brian Snyder

  1. Brian Snyder

    Hay Day!

    Nice job flying!
  2. Brian Snyder

    Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge- a nostalgic visit

    Nice video and narration of the bridge.
  3. Brian Snyder

    Greetings from San Antonio, TX

    Hello from NE Ohio.
  4. Brian Snyder

    My Day out at another Viaduct...

    Nice location and video.
  5. Brian Snyder

    Had to share the sunset today

    Nice sky and clouds!
  6. Brian Snyder

    Summer River Run

    Very nice video and flying!
  7. Brian Snyder

    Hello from Swansboro, NC

    Hello from NE Ohio!
  8. Brian Snyder

    Hello from Texas

    Hello from Ohio!
  9. Brian Snyder

    Spark goes to the Sunflower field

    Nice job on the video!
  10. Brian Snyder

    Roebling Museum (Roebling, NJ)

    Nice job on the video!
  11. Brian Snyder

    Spark Goes West

    Very nice image!
  12. Brian Snyder

    Ideas for cinematic footage

    Great info!
  13. Brian Snyder

    Shore run at Cape Wolfe

    Very nice video!
  14. Brian Snyder

    Hi from London

    Welcome to a great, informational group.