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Recent content by Edmund Lim

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    Hey anyone have a cheap drone to sell? Looking for a cheap spark cos the real one is too expensive for me
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    Anyone from Malaysia?

    from johor but i have no spark
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    Buying cheap Spark Drone

    search for lazada and then spark
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    Buying cheap Spark Drone

    so how do you guys buy cheap drones? I live in Malaysia so my cheapest option would be Lazada
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    Buying cheap Spark Drone

    but if you go to the dji buying guide it says on holidays it has discounts and there are pictures of the website on 50% discount!
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    Buying cheap Spark Drone

    Hello guys this is my first thread. I was just wanting to ask when do you guys buy your drones so it is cheap and in christmas does dji really give a 50% discount? Thanks