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Recent content by Flpeterson4184

  1. Flpeterson4184

    New case for toy

    Thank you for the reply
  2. Flpeterson4184

    New case for toy

    Looks nice please provide some information for us. Thanks
  3. Flpeterson4184

    Flying Very Low Over Water

    Very nice flying and editing. Great job! Loved the content and the music, they went together well. Thanks
  4. Flpeterson4184

    DJI Spark Compass Calibration

    Well I see that my question was a stupid one and will keep my thoughts to myself from now on. Sorry I cluttered up this thread.
  5. Flpeterson4184

    DJI Spark Compass Calibration

    I was considering something the size of a saucer to place the drone on I could place in the car and you only when needed. Don’t think I would want to be dizzy
  6. Flpeterson4184

    DJI Spark Compass Calibration

    Hi first time poster and forgive me if this is a silly thought. What about making a small lazy Susan type device that could easily be used th calibrate the compass constantly each time other than location considerations. I’m always thinking of easier and more consistent ways to do things...
  7. Flpeterson4184

    Hello, Noob from Willow Springs, MO.

    Hi all; New Spark owner here I Southeast Missouri. Just got my first drone several months ago and I am enjoying my new hobby. I'm 68 years a kid and really getting into the drones. I'm enjoying the things I read and seem to learn all the time. I have lots of questions and hope that over...