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Recent content by GordonSA

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    Happy Mardi Gras! (Oops a bit late)

    Thanks for sharing. Impressive to see how much trouble everyone goes to. Hopefully next year will be back to normal, b👀bs, beads and all! I was thinking of you during the week, when watching a series of The Amazing Race, which finished in New Orleans. So strange to imagine Bourbon Street...
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    Wont upgrade! Spark is enough for me as amatuer.

    One of the many things which I love about this forum is that I'm always learning something new. Thanks for sharing this tip, and the great video. We're in the high 30's here, so the the thought of playing in the snow really appeals right now!
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    Spark controller needed

    It seems that there might be a few "spare" controllers available. If any haven't yet been snapped up, could you drop me a note to let me know how much you'd like, and if you'd be prepared to send to me in South Africa (I'll cover the exorbitant shipping costs, obviously)
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    Xonka Dam, Eastern Cape, South Africa

    Good to see plenty of water in the dam. Hopefully no shortages this year?
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    Sunset Shot Request

    Here's my sunset contribution, from Cape Town. Unlike most of my Spark pics, I thought that this worked better from a low angle.
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    Moon rise in Robertson

    Hi @twickers14 Yes, I did use pano for this. I'm quite enjoying the feature for doing landscape pics. I presume that you're not referring to only being able to see one part of my pic, but rather not getting the whole pic when you do it? If so, before you log out on the app, and while still...
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    Moon rise in Robertson

    Apparently @Spark 317 enjoys seeing the moon in pics, so this one is for you. The moon coming over the mountains looked so much bigger than it shows in the pic, and I know that there is some science behind it, but have now forgotten why. With lockdown in South Africa, (now day 104 I think) I...
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    Virtual joysticks

    You could also consider Litchi or one of the other flight planning apps, if you don't need to be controlling it yourself?
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    Lost your Spark? Do you still have the controller?

    Thanks @Spark 317 . I have dropped him a note to see if he may be negotiable, as his price for the whole lot is quite a bit more than a new controller. Have started watching the classifieds as well, but nothing so far . . .
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    Lost your Spark? Do you still have the controller?

    Taking a chance here, but "they" say that if you don't ask you'll never know . . . I see mention in various threads about Sparks flying off, never to be seen again. This made me wonder if there are any unused controllers out there, looking for a new home? The lockdown has allowed me a lot...
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    Need a SPARK controller

    Hi Walter, Have you sold this, as I can't find the controller on E-Bay?
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    Spark controller, multicharger for 4, case, 4 prop set and 3 batteries for sale. For europe 200 euros

    Hi, Would you consider 100 Euro's? A new controller is only 70.
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    Dronelink - Will it work without RC controller

    Thanks for the feedback Tribar. I should have written it better, as I understand that it's not the app's fault that phone wi-fi range is poor. I'm now looking at a portable wi-fi extender, to see if that might help. It should give me the ability to run Litchi, however the feedback on...
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    Dronelink - Will it work without RC controller

    Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately a bit much for my pocket right now, with our economy and currency in freefall . . . . .
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    Major update from Dronelink

    Thanks, I found this really useful and I signed up with Dronelink, then built my first mission straight away, purely based on the information which you've given (guess that it also shows how easy it is to use!) Unfortunately though, I now see that you have to have the RC controller to use...