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Recent content by Jean-Claude Picard

  1. J

    What other hobby have you picked up while in quarantine?

    Since all my drones are grounded, i enjoy doing works with my 3d printers , be the one with filaments, or my new one with resin, you can built many interesting things, and really fun to watch.
  2. J

    skydio 2

    I already pre-ordered mine
  3. J

    Now that it is discontinued...

    Anyway, i think drone is a crook business
  4. J

    Kerrville From the Air - September 25, 2019

    Nice , as for the music, it's very rare that we hear civilized music from the Spark members,Congratulation
  5. J

    Hi from Switzerland !

    Welcome from Quebec city Canada
  6. J

    Shots from this afternoon in Tarpon Springs Florida, USA.

    Beautiful pictures, I've been there, but can't remember that small island, what so special on it that justify to built that kind of highway to get there?
  7. J

    Hello from British Columbia Canada

    Great picture very colorfull.Welcome to the forum from the coldest east side of Canada!
  8. J

    Thoughts on Yuneec Mantis drone

    I have both, spark and mantis Q that i prefer for picture quality and ease of use, great drne
  9. J

    Winter in Florida

    What do you have to complaint? Come up here (Quebec city Can)and you'll find out what bad weather is......darn winter.
  10. J

    360° of Istanbul

    Great and beautifull
  11. J

    Hello from Adelaide, South Australia

    Welcome from extra cold Quebec!
  12. J

    New Canadian Pilot

    You're right, winter shouldn't have ever existed, i live in Quebec city cold is awfull, can't fly my numerous drones, i used to live in California, and later in Florida, where i enjoyed most the weather, excellent place to live for drones enrhousiast.
  13. J

    Are FPV Goggles legal?

    If you use Epson Moverio glasses you would have no problems for with those clever glasses you would monitor your video and still see your drone.