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Recent content by Rendlesham

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    Happy Christmas

    Wishing everyone here a Merry Christmas.
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    Island Life Spark

    Yes indeed it was. Airbus do a superb military air lift product.
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    Island Fall Foliage

    Now that is just so beautiful. Makes me want to go back to Canada. We havent got this to the same extent in Europe. Kudos.
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    this Magic Island....

    Cant beat clear water
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    Island Life Spark

    Travelled to Lanzarote with Air 2 and Spark. Used Air 2 to do the volcanic crater exploration but Spark for the bany stuff. Flew in two locations. First was a dis connect nightmare. Second was much easier. Much as I love Spark Occusync is a gift. Still great to see Spark doing ita thing...
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    Beautifull Iceland

    Reminds me of our great time there. Best way to do drone abroad us to rent a car and do it all on the QT just pretend you pulled over for a pee.
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    Drone Perspectives . Personal Views Only

    Cheers pal. Yeah I think it will be good to see presentations on the new stuff but as I said....unlikely to spring for anything new for a while.
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    Back in the Spark saddle

    Hope everyone is keeping well. After a long sleep I had Spark out the other night and it was such a pleasure to see him flapping his wings and flying high. So well did he fly that I am taking him on my road trip on Saturday with other squadron members. I hate the idea of a throw away society...
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    That Nude beach again

    Just beautiful. I think my sister went there a few years back. Keep it coming.
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    Spark Goes West

    To all the men and women of the Spark forum. Hope you are all well. Sparky is still in my drone squadron.
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    PRIME Telescope Dome Lift

    Fascinating and hope all my friends here are good.
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    Mini SE, cheapest drone of the Mavic line?

    Absolutely and genius marketing by DJI. So many desirable features crammed into a great drone. DJI had obliterated all its competition. Kudos.
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    Little Hand From Ole Sparky

    Obviously not all Sparky but he is in the mix here. Like an altar boy cleaning up after the priest !