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Recent content by Rocco Germani

  1. Rocco Germani

    The Evolution of Photography: 1914-Present

    Hello everyone! I recently made this video going through the evolution of photography equipment over the past hundred years. If you are into photography and want to learn more about its history, then I hope you find this video interesting!
  2. Rocco Germani

    My best shots from May! (Autel Evo 1)

    Hello everyone! Hope you all are doing well. Here is the collection of my best footage from this month! I hope you enjoy [emoji16]
  3. Rocco Germani

    Summer is Coming 2 - Short film

    After four months of work my short film is finally finished! It would be much appreciated if you could give it a watch! Shot almost exclusively on my Canon EOS R6, with all drone shots being from my Autel Evo 1 and my friend Tristan's FPV drone. Hope you all enjoy! [emoji16] Link:
  4. Rocco Germani

    My best shots from February! | Autel Evo

    Hey everyone! Hope your weekends are going well! I just released my latest video, featuring my best footage from this month! Shot entirely on my Evo. Enjoy!
  5. Rocco Germani

    Adventuring in New York!

    A few weeks ago I was traveling through upstate New York and came across many great locations to fly my Evo at! Here are the highlights of the trip! (Including 2 major misshapenings [emoji28])
  6. Rocco Germani

    My best shots from November! (Autel Evo)

    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Here are my best shots from this month, shot on my Evo 1! Enjoy!
  7. Rocco Germani

    A breakdown of my latest film!

    Hey everyone! In this video I go into depth on the processes used to create my latest short film, 'The Summer We Lost.' I give a commentary and show the whole editing timeline as well. Enjoy!
  8. Rocco Germani

    RAW vs. JPEG explained

    Hey everyone! Just made a quick video explaining the differences between shooting RAW and JPEG! Feel free to check it out:
  9. Rocco Germani

    My best shots from September! Autel Evo

    Hey everyone! Here is my collection of my best shots from this month! Enjoy!
  10. Rocco Germani

    How to get HDR images using AEB!

    Hey everyone, I made this video because I haven't seen many tutorials for this and I thought it would be a good idea to share. I use my Evo's AEB feature to create HDR images and it is a really technique. I use it on my Spark to, and since it doesn't shoot RAW photos, this will actually give you...
  11. Rocco Germani

    How to do fake slow motion using Davinci Resolve!

    Hey everyone, today I uploaded a tutorial on how to do fake slow motion using Davinci Resolve. This could potentially be used on your drone footage/footage on the ground. It's best used whenever you need to slow down your footage but it ends up looking choppy. Here is the link to the tutorial...
  12. Rocco Germani

    My best shots from August!

    Hello everyone, a little late to put this one out there but oh well [emoji28] Here is my compilation of my best shots from August!