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Recent content by Roland

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    Litchi and wireless settings

    Litchi is pibggybacking a lot from go4.
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    Screen breakup

    Sounds very familiar tot me. Had same problem last year but not that worse.motorola G6plus Happened only with my MP. Is streaming 1080p . especially in Litchi. Around same time problems with losing connection, bad videotransmission etc .. Never had a problem with viewing HD you tube of Netflix...
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    Amazing spark mid air recovery

    In my opinion, a Spark is the most robust drone DJI (will) ever built. It is a flying tank and as I stated before a future collectors item.
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    Attacked by a gull. Severe damage

    Today, while flying a mission my MP was attacked by a gull. IT happend before they were coming close. Buy never expected one would really attack. Anyway the bird Succeeded in damaging 2 propellers, forcing gimbal and fan. The bird itself must be serieus damaged as well as there are bloodspots on...
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    Going Fast... Yet Staying Smooth

    In sports mode, spark flies fpv . That means the gimbal is locked and goes only up and down. as long there is no wind one can have a stable flight as is seen on the video. Max spark speed is about 50 km/h while skiers tends to go 60 km/h. I tried it last year with both my spark and mavic pro ...
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    HEllo I am Lostxrabbitt

    You might be on the wrong forum
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    [self solved ;)] Fake GPS forced FCC on latest firmware?? is it possible? hack enabled!!😎

    My fcc works with latest version. do you have 11 channels or 13 ?
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    Where I can find the Mr. Booth article ?
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    Hello from Brussels

    some other questions : Which organisation is responable for frequency ? How you store Lipo batteries What does the camera law means What is KP index Who makes a short termin weather forecast
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    Hello from Brussels

    They don't look difficult but the questions are going sometimes very deep: What is the one to one rule ? Where you find an acceleration meter ? ( ESC or IMU or motor or gyroscope ) What type of motor is used ?( 3 phase frequence AC) You are limited in time . If you fail an other try is...
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    Hello from Brussels

    I got my Belgian license a few months ago. wow it was difficullt . I advise putting a second PC aside with wikipedia and google open.
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    Litchi - Where is the "Follow Me" mode?

    Only available in android ? On my spark litchi follow works perfect
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    No mates???? just send up your Spark!!!

    Are you using a modified clutch lever assy as a mechanical disk brake? You are a wizzard Brian
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    No mates???? just send up your Spark!!!

    What kind of engine you're going tot fit on your project bike ?
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    free online course and certificate for A1/A3 open sub category EASA

    Roland airlines is in bussiness legally;)