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Recent content by Spark 317

  1. Spark 317

    First flight after such a long weather lock down. Sparky rocks

    I'm a follower of "Spark X" and the achievements Elon has made and continue to make. Nice aircraft. :)
  2. Spark 317

    Night lights for Spark?

    But not compliant to the FAA. Three mile visibility. ;) The added lights are not necessarily meant for you to observe the Spark while flying, it's to let the low level manned aircraft flying around the area of your presence while Sparking around in the dark.
  3. Spark 317

    Recommendations for dedicated cellphone

    Good deal. 👍 Back in the day of the Sparks release in 2017, the Apple products worked better than the Droids due to a dedicated operating system vs the other with developer options. Refurb is not a bad word. It doesn't necessarily mean that it was broke and then fixed. My copilot used to...
  4. Spark 317

    MA2 Shots

    Very nice. And the spiral park is cool as heck. Thanks for sharing. 😊
  5. Spark 317

    Take off from a ship.

    If you have a GPS enabled device, you could hit the Home Point update constantly in the Go4 app to have the Spark come to you on the boat. Battery permitting.
  6. Spark 317

    Take off from a ship.

    Just a tip, fly backwards when landing. The controls are orientated with the Spark and makes it much easier to navigate safely.
  7. Spark 317

    Night lights for Spark?

    I had a single strobe and recently bought a package of three ( white, red, green) of the dual strobes. It has two leds that can flash, strobe, or remain on. https://www.amazon.com/Firehouse-Technology-Navigation-Quadcopters-Contained/dp/B06ZZ9D1MQ They are the best and can mount just about...
  8. Spark 317


    Here's a good place to start. DJI Spark tutorials... https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL65kukZorPdNtSV_PMn1Ay4772cZMexXq Ty talks fast in a short amount of time so they are worth watching a few times. Good luck and welcome back. :)
  9. Spark 317

    Drone's and monkeys

    Could be the next viral video with "proper" editing and it makes the news. Can't have good footage, make sure it's grainy. Bigfoot spotted flying drone. Film at 11:00... 😁
  10. Spark 317

    Sparky at the Sandhills

    I agree. I have nine batteries and have flown at times when I'm reaching for battery #7 thinking about if Mother Nature will cooperate with the ones remaining. :)
  11. Spark 317

    Down facing sensors

    Litchi is a third party app that will allow you to turn off the downward sensors through the app, other than taking the Spark apart and manually disconnect the wiring inside. The bottom sensor is critical for a safe landing as the Spark determines where the ground is when landing and lands...
  12. Spark 317

    Rear LEDs flashing Green, Yellow, Red

    Hello from the Hoosier Heartland tmarsh0494. It looks like it may be stuck in the start up / systems check? You may have to recalibrate the compass. According to the DJI manual and the status lights. Good luck and welcome to the Forum. :)
  13. Spark 317

    Northumberland & home

    Very nice. :)
  14. Spark 317

    A clip from a frozen island in Saint-Petersburg

    Wow. Talk about an industrial work site. Must be a heck of a job to repair a ship, let alone build one. Thanks for sharing a look around the yard. :)
  15. Spark 317

    Mavic Air 2

    Rumors of a Maverick Mavic Air 3 releasing later this year ??? Maybe the MA 2 will drop a little when it's released. 🤔 Some pilots may want to upgrade (again), and a good deal on a used / refurbished MA2 could be available.