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Recent content by twickers14

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    Cabin in the woods

    Back with your beautiful signature work. Great to see and can’t wait for the growing, glowing golds and yellows of autumn. Feeling quite poetic this evening! Well done you and Spark.
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    Mavic Air propellers on Spark

    Not sure you shouldn’t be working at NASA! Thanks for the info. At my age I am amazed I am able to get my MA2 up in the skies but I love our hobby. Your technical knowledge and capabilities are way beyond mine. Keep up the good work.
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    thats why i love my Spark

    No doubting the location in this lovely film. Music so upbeat and the sceenery stunning. Spark is still a great little drone, haven’t flown mine for ages but sure it’ll perform straight away. Thanks and well shot. How many batteries did you use for the session?
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    Mavic Air propellers on Spark

    So is it just plug and play, with the props onto the motors without alteration?
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    Dolfins at Coffee Bay on the Wild coast in South Africa

    Great capture well done. A superb piece of wildlife filming. A definite keeper.
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    A summer country spin

    That’s That’s really helpful and thank you for the trouble you have taken. It will be very useful to have this info (I print it off as I am not sure how to save it somewhere). Clearly the ones on the top are visible to aircraft etc and the ones on the legs are visible from the ground for pilot...
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    A summer country spin

    Thanks Robin. You’re deffo right about the roads and Romans. Looking again at your vid I am not clear on what you’ve got and where they are placed. I see a big one on the top (did I see somewhere that there is important GPS reception kit under the skin on the top so presumably one has to know...
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    Sale Value of DJI Spark?

    With you on this Brian.
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    Sale Value of DJI Spark?

    Interested to see the responses. Mine is a much loved and well flown craft but it doesn’t see the light of day these days. Will probably hang onto it in case my MA2 does something untoward!
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    Summer Evening along West Cape

    Those skies match your iron-rich coastlines. Perfect. Well done Spark and you and nice to see the craft up and earning it’s keep.
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    A summer country spin

    Scenery certainly familiar Robin. Very nice work and good idea to film the take off and landing. Must say the strobes don’t look as flashy as I expected they might but perhaps the natural light dims them a bit. I too have a MA2 and am loving it but I don’t have the locations you have. That long...
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    After the Sunset

    Perfect accompaniment to my evening G and T. Well done Robin. Great idea to grab those really unusual colours and how many 2 take films have you made over the years? Is that your music and composed by you? Such a lovely part of the world you live in. We have been warned to expect upwards of 38C...
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    A brief rundown of the Sutherland Observatory

    Broadcast quality capture and editing. Music perfect. You’re wasted as an astrologer. Great film and worth a massive bonus this year tell your boss! Fabulous and well done.
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    Droning Mountains & Rivers in Utah - DJI Mini 2 - 4k Green River, UT

    Fab footage and well put together. Bearing in mind I am from a temperate climate and haven’t a clue where you guys are in your annual process-was this shot in the autumn or are the colours natural at this time of year?
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    Jersey Shore Beach Day

    Bet you and Spark enjoyed you day out. Lovely spot and very well captured. Thanks for sharing-long black screen at end by the way but guess you know that anyway.