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    Strange crash - 4.2.12, OTG, active track

    I had a wierd crash today morning. I was using the new 4.2.12 app with OTG connection and was in active track mode, following my daughter on the bike. The Spark stopped because a tree braanch was in front of it, I bypassed it and initiated the activive track further. Suddenly the connection was...
  2. P

    Offline Maps - 4.2.12 build 574

    I don't remember Offline Maps being in recent versions of the GO 4 app, probably since 4.1.15 (correct me if I'm wrong). In the most recent version, 4.2.12-574, It's back!!! You can pinch to zoom in/out or single finger to move around. When you click on "Download" you're prompted to name...