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  1. E

    ActiveTrack and Porsche 914

    Testing the ActiveTrack intelligent flight mode of the DJI Spark by tracking a 1976 Porsche 914.
  2. C

    Tried Activetrack at 30+ MPH...Kind Of Surprised By Results

    I finally had the chance to test activetrack in my SUV, all the way from a crawl to 30+ mph...The Spark did a lot better than I thought it would.
  3. B

    Spark Power Failure During Flight

    My conversation with DJI via twitter yesterday about DJI Spark loss of power during flight. Hello, so just had something crazy happen to Spark. It was at 80' in the air 200' away from me with (Edited: 79%) battery. I switched over to active track and as soon as I did, the spark lost power...
  4. C

    Activetrack Raw Footage

    So while testing out a new bike mount that holds the controller and phone, I decided to get together a short video of raw footage while using activetrack! Pretty impressive, and it only lost me twice in about 10 minutes of flying/tracking. More on the controller mount later, and some funny...