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aerial footage of coastline

  1. Herolds Bay Hike

    Herolds Bay Hike

    5 July 2020. Music by www.Bensound
  2. Flyfish

    Going Fishing

    As a new Spark owner I am in the introduction and study phase of getting aquatinted with the Spark and watching YouTube videos. Flown little too scared it will fly away because of my inexperience. I need help in the form of some suggestions. I am going on a fishing trip to place with most...
  3. NacMacFeegle

    Long Beach Peninsula: Lakes, tides, and ocean waves.

    I had intended to finish this video several weeks ago, but when I went to edit it I found a lot of the footage I had captured to be lacking. I had to wait till I was able to return to the area to film the second half of the video. It just so happened that this coincided with the release of the...
  4. BrianP

    First ever outdoors flight -brill!!!

    Firstly, thank you to all those that have helped me understand the DJI Spark. 6 mins of the drone and then 15 mins of the river Tees and its coastline. Hope you enjoy it! - I did and can't wait for the next flight. Here's a link to my first ever outdoors Spark flight...