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aerial footage of coastline

  1. Flyfish

    Going Fishing

    As a new Spark owner I am in the introduction and study phase of getting aquatinted with the Spark and watching YouTube videos. Flown little too scared it will fly away because of my inexperience. I need help in the form of some suggestions. I am going on a fishing trip to place with most...
  2. NacMacFeegle

    Long Beach Peninsula: Lakes, tides, and ocean waves.

    I had intended to finish this video several weeks ago, but when I went to edit it I found a lot of the footage I had captured to be lacking. I had to wait till I was able to return to the area to film the second half of the video. It just so happened that this coincided with the release of the...
  3. B

    First ever outdoors flight -brill!!!

    Firstly, thank you to all those that have helped me understand the DJI Spark. 6 mins of the drone and then 15 mins of the river Tees and its coastline. Hope you enjoy it! - I did and can't wait for the next flight. Here's a link to my first ever outdoors Spark flight...