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  1. 41Flyer

    Measure flight altitude (general questions)

    How does the Spark measure flight altitude? I am assuming that where it launches from is 0 and it goes up to 400' from there. So what if we launch from atop a hill/mountain? Still +400 from launch spot or does it take into account that it is sitting atop a 300' mountain? Here in Texas, the...
  2. J997654-uk

    Incorrect 'Top Altitude' in the DJI GO 4 app

    Hi, I have performed search but no results. DJI GO 4 app is showing incorrect 'Top Altitude' in the profile section of the Flight Record. It is significantly lower than altitudes from the flights displayed on the right hand side (table with individual flights data). Anyone experiencing...
  3. J

    Looses altitude in GPS mode

    I was at the beach trying to get a good shot. However, spark was unable to hold altitude and would drop on the sand (yes sand did get in the Gimbal. But I eventually got it cleaned). I already calibrated IMU and compass. GPS lock is 13+. The bottom sensors are clean. Also note that this is an...
  4. optionbLur

    My Spark stops at altitude of 119m

    I recently noticed that my spark stops when it reached 119 meters. I don't know what caused it but during my first few times flying it, I can remember going beyond 119m altitude. I'm not in beginner mode as this was the first thing I checked. Is there a specific setting I need to check? or is...