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  1. E

    Flying time bar on djigo4 app

    Hello all, I'm new here and I have looked this issue in the existing threads, as I found no entries I decided to post. My issue? The dji app suddenly stopped showing the remaining flying time while flying, I could notice the number changing as I fly but the whole figure is covered by a white...
  2. J997654-uk

    Litchi vs Drone Harmony (vs Dronelink, Red Waypoint)

    Is there anyone who has tried both and can say what is better to use? I have found a topic about someone losing Spark while using DH recently. I am currently researching DH on free trial at the moment (on Android). Is there a way of trying Litchi for some period of time for free? Also is it...
  3. J

    dji go 4 app seems to go into a restart loop every time i start it

    when I start the app I see half a second of the first intro slide with the sign in/up buttons before I get a blank white screen. then the white screen goes away and I see half a second of intro slide again before it appears again. I'm using a Motorola g4 phone. I've never had issues with the...
  4. I

    Has new DJI Go 4 App Update Killed the OTG Cable?

    So just update the Go4 App for iOS. Amazing improvement/Instructions for connection, but is this the end of the OTG Cable?
  5. dubt

    DJI GO 4 MOD 2.0 | DJI GO 4 MOD LITE [ Additional Features | Android | App Ver. 4.1.15 ]

    I'm not responsible for any damage caused to your Android device or DJI equipment. You are accepting the risk of running modified software. Any software downloaded and installed outside of the Play Store may contain viruses or malware. I have taken as many precautions before offering this modded...
  6. S

    DJIGo4 app closing

    Hi guys, I was originally running 4.18 on a Samsung tablet (Galaxy Tab A 2017) that lost OTG support due to that update. I noticed that on the tablet the DJI app closes while flying, It doesn't pop up anything it just returns me to the main app menu from where I launched the app. I downgraded...
  7. Jake Deer

    SparkPilots App?

    Any word on a SparksPilots forum App? ;)
  8. Jonathan Prichard

    Litchi App with Spark?

    Hello fellow spark owners, I am a relatively new "pilot" and am curious as to weather the DJI Spark is compatible with the popular Litchi app. This app works with all past DJI Quads. The app is 20 something bucks and I don't want to purchase it if its not compatible.