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atti mode after 15 seconds

  1. sam_drango

    Buying a used drone. Problems.

    Hey. I bought a used drone on ebay. The seller sent me a flight video and logs. Everything was great. Today I got a drone and was upset. Cherse 10-15 seconds after takeoff, a compass error appears and the drone enters atti mode. Always like this. What should I do? The teacher says that...
  2. Alisa_Flyyy

    Atti mode after 15 seconds. Compass error. Does not hold a position

    Hello to all forum participants. Help me please. I am a wedding videographer. I was in the hospital for about a month. I have 2 drones.(spark and mav 2 pro) While I was in the hospital, my husband ruined both drones. I do not know what he did, but the compass error and atti mode are now always...