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  1. Wanderer

    Video: Autumnal Riverside

    Some autumnal riverside impressions (shot on the Lech river, Bavaria)
  2. SlaVa

    Autumn flights.

    Beautiful and colorful autumn in Belarus (filmed near to Minsk). Sorry for russian titles. Translate: 1. Autumn flights 2. Beauty and freedom 3. Pilot: Sl@Va
  3. Simon Cooper

    Autumn Sunset Over Athelstone (Adelaide) South Australia

  4. Liamski

    Mitcham Common, South London

    Editing isn't perfect but first real video from my Spark. Wanted to capture the amazing Autumn colours on Mitcham Common, South London.
  5. bath1968

    Autumn Colours over Suffolk

    Longest flight so far capturing some lovely autumn colours over Suffolk. No filters used and no editing of footage other than title and music, enjoy...
  6. BerkoZg

    Autumn Photos

    Here's some autumn photos