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battery life with spark

  1. J

    Maximize battery while in flight?

    Hi - new pilot (Christmas - 3 hrs flight time). All seems as expected - loving the #perspectives. Question: Do some flying activities use the battery faster? For example, does Sport drain faster, or does video drain faster? Just looking to maximize flight time. With two batteries ... just...
  2. B

    pre Spark arrival Sport mode Q...

    watching a youtube vid about spark and an interesting topic came up... The vlogger said 'film until about 15% battery life left then switch over to Sport Mode and return quicker than normal mode...' My Q is: doesn't Sport mode drain the battery quicker and thus cause an issue where the spark...
  3. C

    iPhone 6 battery drain

    Anyone else seeing this? Couple of Spark flights and my iPhone 6 is pretty much sucked dry. Seems there are reports that older apps didn't do this with older iPhones. What's happening?