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battery life with spark

  1. J

    Maximize battery while in flight?

    Hi - new pilot (Christmas - 3 hrs flight time). All seems as expected - loving the #perspectives. Question: Do some flying activities use the battery faster? For example, does Sport drain faster, or does video drain faster? Just looking to maximize flight time. With two batteries ... just...
  2. BrianP

    pre Spark arrival Sport mode Q...

    watching a youtube vid about spark and an interesting topic came up... The vlogger said 'film until about 15% battery life left then switch over to Sport Mode and return quicker than normal mode...' My Q is: doesn't Sport mode drain the battery quicker and thus cause an issue where the spark...
  3. C

    iPhone 6 battery drain

    Anyone else seeing this? Couple of Spark flights and my iPhone 6 is pretty much sucked dry. Seems there are reports that older apps didn't do this with older iPhones. What's happening?