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  1. JS1500

    Violated pigeon airspace

    Earlier today I took my Spark out to the lake to get some footage. Soon after taking off and flying out over the lake, a flock of pigeons flew dangerously close to my drone. I didn't think much of it since birds sometimes fly a bit close, but they turned around again and flew directly at the...
  2. D

    Mutualism in nature with Dji Spark

    Aerial view of impressive relationship between Buffalo and birds with Dji Spark SUBSCRIBE NOW ►https://goo.gl/tQCWdp http://dreamnic.wixsite.com/nicvid SOCIAL MEDIAS • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nicholashcc • Twitter: https://twitter.com/dreamnic • Google plus...
  3. P

    Tips for boat / sea / beach flights

    Hello! I've experimented few things with my Spark recently that I would like to share with you. It might be a bit dumb for many of you but I didn't think about that before and I've been surprised (hopefully each time I had a solution (chance) to escape): - When you are on a boat (and then...