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camera settings

  1. nilanjan118

    Gimbal Speed in TRIPOD mode

    I usually fly in P mode and have my gimbal speed set at 8~12 for smooth tilting of the camera while recording video. Few days back when I tried to tilt the gimbal in TRIPOD mode, I found that it barely moves as I already had the speed set at a very low value of ~10. What is the ideal speed...
  2. Gungor AYAR

    camera respond late

    In flight mode,spark responds very late to start and stop video records.I hit video button on the RC,it doesn't start immediately,it is also the same when I stop recording.By the way while video recording,can we also take photos at the same time? Thank you.
  3. Wanderer

    Spark auto exposure sucks

    I am flying camera drones since a couple of years now and I am very disappointed with the auto exposure feature of the Spark. It does a poor job compared to a GoPro or even a Mobius or a 30 EUR FPV Runcam. All of these cams handle auto exposure quite well and in many cases almost unnoticeable...
  4. Andym15

    Camera Pointing All The Way Down

    Does the camera on the DJI Spark point all the way down (90 degrees I believe)? I tried to angle the camera all the way down to see what was directly below me but couldn’t get the camera to do it! Does this only happen happen in Sport mode? Or will it go all the way down when you switch the...
  5. D

    Timed Setting - ???

    There is a setting for the camera called 'Timed' and when selected it offers the opportunity to select 2,3,4,5,...etc. One would hope that is a timed delay...you know, for selfies and stuff? But when you select it and then shoot a picture you get 2,3,4,5, etc pictures....and it keeps...