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care refresh

  1. Mr. Eggbeater Jr.

    Can you choose different color when getting care refresh replacement??

    Just wondering when you get a spark replacement, via dji care refresh, if you can choose the color you want ,or if you get what they give you, or what color you had before??
  2. E

    URGENT!! DJI Care Refresh - CANADA?!

    hey wondering if anyone in Canada has purchased the DJI Care Refresh in canada or online.... Where can i purchse this?! please help asap as i only have 30 hours to buy it and activate!!!
  3. Advexure

    DJI Care Refresh - Should I get it for my Spark?

    When you order DJI Spark you will likely be asked if you want to purchase DJI Care Refresh for your Spark. If Spark is your first DJI drone you may not be familiar with DJI's Care Refresh program, so what should you know? Care Refresh covers accidental damage to the DJI new products during...