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  1. D

    Looking to Trade Spark Fly More Combo With Extras

    Hello all, I have a DJI Spark Fly More Combo with an extra case with exact cutouts to store the spark, the controller, the charger, 2 batteries, and more. The case has a zipper pouch as well that I put the rest of my gear in. It is in 100% perfect condition. I just bought it a week ago. I'd...
  2. HoboDan

    Safe bag?

    I have the portable charger with its dji bag. As I started charging my spark and batts, I closed the bag and zipped it up. I was wondering if the charger case is a safe bag In the event the lipos get mad.
  3. Mad.Flyer

    "Both worlds in one case" project: Mavic+Spark

    Since I own both Mavic and Spark I was looking for neat solution to keep everything in one place. Finally, here it is: DroneGuard by Lowepro, initialy intended to store Bebop drone - now with Mavic, Spark and more ;) Mavic Pro and Spark - AllStars holders by krakow_marcin
  4. U

    Another case mod: charging everything in the case :)

    Having bought the fly more combo + 4 additional batteries and an extra hub charger I couldn't find a decent case. I prefer to keep everything in a tidy case, with the possibility of charging all of the batteries (6), the RC and the phone while kept in the case . So I ordered a small Chinese case...
  5. P

    DJI Spark Fly More Combo, Pelican Case, Extra batteries, Care Refresh

    Up for sale is my used DJI Spark, I just purchased a Mavic Pro so unfortunately need to sell the Spark, although I love this little thing! Included is the entire Fly more combo (some items not shown in the pictures), 4x total batteries, Pelican Storm iM2050 case with a Cobra cut out insert, and...
  6. Malakai

    Got the Smatree D400 case for the Spark and did a review

    Hey all, I picked up the Smatree D400 case off amazon uk, its a great case for storing and transporting your spark. What kinds of cases are you using?
  7. Shawn Ide

    Pimp out your Spark!!

    Hey guys... I was sent a couple of accessories to review. I think the Silicone cover is awesome. Here are the prop guards. I think they will work well inside. What do you guys think?
  8. CaptainDrone

    Backpack for Spark & Mavic Pro

    Here is a short video I made of the backpack I use to transport the DJI Spark and Mavic Pro. This really makes life easy when travelling or hiking.