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  1. K

    Spark Wall Charger

    Is anyone selling they’re unwanted wall charger that came with the spark in the box?
  2. U

    Another case mod: charging everything in the case :)

    Having bought the fly more combo + 4 additional batteries and an extra hub charger I couldn't find a decent case. I prefer to keep everything in a tidy case, with the possibility of charging all of the batteries (6), the RC and the phone while kept in the case . So I ordered a small Chinese case...
  3. S

    Usb Battery charger car adaper

    Hi All... I'm new to Spark and I'm wondering if is ok to charge the batteriers using the usb charger that I use on my car to charge my cellphone... I browsed a while on google but I couldn't find an answer... Thanks in advance and have a nice fly :)
  4. J

    dji spark external charger

    Hi guys, I am aware that the dji spark's battery can be charged using the usb port of the quad itself, however, I am interested in charging my battery while disconnected from the spark using again a micro usb. The reason is that I would like to carry around my powerbank and use it to charge my...
  5. M

    Batteries dropping mAh after every charge

    Hi, I have had my Spark for about three weeks now, flown it ,maybe ten times. I have noticed a significant drop in the mAh after I charge the batteries. Battery one (three weeks old) 9 charges - from 1480 mAh - 1382 mAh Battery two (one week old) 2 charges - from 1480 mAh - 1354 mAh How can...
  6. Oliver Scott

    Getting one of these soon...should be good for in the field charging!

    I supported this Indiegogo campaign a while a go and should be getting this high capacity charging pack soon. Comes with two wall outlets so I can plug in the Spark charging dock. Based on the 54,000 mAh capacity of THE PLUG it should charge a single battery about 36 times and 3 batteries in the...
  7. dynamic3dsolutions

    Dji Spark battery charging observations.

    Just wanted to share with you some observations we had while charging dji spark batteries. DJI did a nice job of keeping everything slim. The batteries slip in very nicely and lock. First thing we notice is all batteries are charging at the same time. This is a change from the previous drone...