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charging hub

  1. Ariyanoe

    Batteries dont fully charge

    Hi guys since I bought my spark I realized that, when I charge my batteries with the hub it will charge them up to 96 percent but when I charge them with a usb cable they will fullycharge I mean 100 percent! I don't know this problem is for my charging hub or batteries . One my friends told me...
  2. Ariyanoe

    Dji spark charging hub issue

    Hi guys I have problem with my sparks charging hub , when I connect one of my batteries to hub it charges to 100% but when I connect both of batteries to it , it's charge until 96% or 97% . Is it normal ? If not please help me how to fix this issue
  3. nntom

    Charging hub died when plugged broken battery

    Hi. It was a bad week for me and my Spark. First landed in a river, battery got wet. Yesterday broke a phones display glass.... Tried to dry battery for 2 days and then put to charge what made fly more combo charging hub dead, broken and unusable. If somebody knows where to buy only hub or...