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  1. Vlad

    Autonomous charging station for Spark

    Is there an autonomous charging solution for spark on the market? I've noticed that the portable charging station charges the spark with a battery attached through a contact on the 2x2 metal grid on the battery itself. So if the spark landed and was positioned over this contact then it should be...
  2. J

    Charging hot (warm) batteries

    I was reading around DJI forums and noticed people are dead set that charging a battery while hot is bad. I get it and realize this can be bad. My question is if it's really that bad with our chargers.. Can damage be done? If I place a hot battery on the charger, it won't charge until it's...
  3. D

    Charging Battery Problem DJI Spark

    Hi, I've received my dji spark RTF package recently and realize that there is one battery that is faulty, it does not work. The other one is fine, it charges correctly and it works fine with the drone. The problem is with the other battery, it does not charge at all and the charger gives a...
  4. T

    New DJi Spark Portable Charging Station

    New DJI Spark Portable Charging Station - WeTalkUAV
  5. D

    Simultaneous Charging

    I have yet to purchase extra batteries for my fly more combo, so I can't try for myself. But has anyone been able to charge 4 batteries and RC simultaneously using the power brick? 3 batteries on the charging hub, 1 battery in the AC connected to a microSD cable connected to the power brick as...
  6. Shawn Ide

    Will a Powerbank Work on the DJI Spark?

    Hey guys... Have any of you been able to fly with a powerbank? I tried it out yesterday, and couldn't get it to work. I ended up taking some cool tilt/shift video.
  7. M

    Batteries dropping mAh after every charge

    Hi, I have had my Spark for about three weeks now, flown it ,maybe ten times. I have noticed a significant drop in the mAh after I charge the batteries. Battery one (three weeks old) 9 charges - from 1480 mAh - 1382 mAh Battery two (one week old) 2 charges - from 1480 mAh - 1354 mAh How can...
  8. Oliver Scott

    Spark battery issue...

    So I have three Spark batteries. I charged them all before heading to the beach yesterday. But on inserting one of the batteries and pressing the on button it didn't show any power (other two were fine). Got them back home and put them on to charge and one battery showed fully charged within...