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  1. Cragcloud

    Flying above the Le Tour Glacier

    Hi all Took my Spark with me, when climbing around the Le Tour Glacier near Mont Blanc in the French Alps. Other cameras included. Feedback is very welcome
  2. Cragcloud

    Rock climbing hard overhanging rocks in Germany!

    Hi all I brought my DJI Spark with me on a sport climbing trip to Ith in Germany, where my friend gave a shot on one of the harder routes. Check it out! Feedback is very welcome :)
  3. Cragcloud

    Rock climbing on Costa Blanca in Spain

    Hi all I had the pleasure to travel to Costa Blanca in Spain to do some rock climbing and brought my DJI Spark. Here is the result: Feedback on how I can improve is very welcome :)
  4. Cragcloud

    Looking for feedback: Ice climbing in Norway

    Hi all I took my DJI Spark with me on an ice climbing trip to Norway. I am looking for feedback on how to make better drone footage. Check it out: