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  1. K

    Spark(blue) ultimate flymore package

    I'm selling my Spark on here first cause ebay charges so much for fees. I will do Paypal only. It has been flown less than 10 flights, no crashes. Here's what you get. Oh, the prop guards are in the gadget bag. I couldn't fit them on the table but I've never used them. All manuals included...
  2. P

    DJI Spark Fly More Combo, Pelican Case, Extra batteries, Care Refresh

    Up for sale is my used DJI Spark, I just purchased a Mavic Pro so unfortunately need to sell the Spark, although I love this little thing! Included is the entire Fly more combo (some items not shown in the pictures), 4x total batteries, Pelican Storm iM2050 case with a Cobra cut out insert, and...
  3. M1dn1ght N1nj4

    New pilot coming from Worthington, Ohio!

    I purchased the Fly More Combo, with an Alpine White Spark. Won a bid and paid $640 instead of the typical $699. I ended up spending the rest of the $60 on some accessories. Clip-on landing gear: Landing Gear Landing Feet Bracket Protector Heighten For DJI Spark RC Drone US Lens Hood: Sun...