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  1. Simon Cooper

    Speed Comparison Across 5 Of Spark’s Different Flight Modes

  2. sdharris

    DJI GO 360 Vs Hangar 360

    Today was not a great day for 360s with relatively high winds, shifting cloud cover and although the British autumn makes for nearly an all day golden hour it means the sun is low in the sky which causes stitching errors. However I thought I would try the same location with DJI GO and Hangar...
  3. PaulArcher

    Mavic vs Spark stability and sound test

    Hello guys, I flew both my drones a few days ago in moderate wind conditions and recorded them in time to see what happens. I tracked both drones in after effects to check the graph of how much each deviates from their spot. Also recorded some sound. both seem pretty **** stable in GPS...