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  1. W

    Where can i repair my spark?

    Hello, I have a quick question about my dji spark. Last week I crashed her but i dont now where to repair it and how mutch it will cost, do you guys have anny idea? Greets Wessel
  2. MileHighSi

    Battery got wet.

    I was flying on a beach recently, having used my carry case (the one which comes with the fly more package) as a take-off platform. I regularly do this on uneven or dusty (or in this case sandy) surfaces. However, it seems that this time I'd been a bit careless, as a wave came right up the shore...
  3. His415

    Battery Eject Problem

    I was experiencing the feared battery eject problem and Realized that my spark had a bit of damage from a crash to the battery latch points. I made this short upclose video pointing out the latch points and where the damage was in hopes of helping others who may not know to look for it.
  4. R

    Stiff/thight motor after crash and HOW i solve it.

    Hello pilots! A few days ago, i've chrashed my spark, after that i noticed that 1 motor was thight, when i flew the drone it was not 100% stable, and when i landed it, the stiffed motor was very hot. So i search for help in google, but no lucky, so i decided to try to repair my drone. i've...
  5. T

    Water Damage

    Hi everyone! I brought my Spark overseas and my drone fell into water, my mistake. Anyone know how much does it roughly cost to repair it with DJI? I do not have DJI care refresh and they don't cover it in my country as well. I got no idea if the main drone has issue now or just the battery. Is...