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dji go 4 update revision 4.1.5

  1. bath1968

    First long distance flight

    Earlier today done my first long distance flight, 490m in distance. Felt a bit nervous:eek: but had no issues what so ever, really pleased.:) Took a couple of pics on way back. Running, Latest firmware DJI Go 4.15 Latest Android Sony Xperia ZX OTG
  2. bath1968

    Night Flying Again.....

    3rd night flight after update, just loving what this little drone can do. Having no issues since update. Fly more combo Latest Android Sony Xperia ZX OTG cable :)
  3. bath1968

    Ipswich at Night

    Another night flight with the new Firmware and DJI Go app update. Happy to report no issues.:)
  4. O

    DJI GO 4 Update revision 4.1.5, 8/8/17

    Spark Added a 180° Pano capture mode and gimbal pitch tracking Users can now set flight directions in QuickShot mode Added a new gesture for video Editor Improved photo and video categorization Added customizable opening titles and 4 transitions Updated music library General Added support for...