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dji go 4

  1. Dodge DeBoulet

    Flight Prep using Google Assistant

    I've created a short routine in Google Assistant that does the following on my device when I say OK Google, let's fly: Set the Media Volume to 75% Set the Display Brightness to 75% Launch the DJI GO 4 App I have voice authentication enabled so that the command works even if the device is...
  2. J

    dji go 4 app seems to go into a restart loop every time i start it

    when I start the app I see half a second of the first intro slide with the sign in/up buttons before I get a blank white screen. then the white screen goes away and I see half a second of intro slide again before it appears again. I'm using a Motorola g4 phone. I've never had issues with the...
  3. D

    DJI GO 4 updated to 4.2.8 on iOS

    DJI GO 4 updated to 4.2.8 on iOS. From the change log not much has been updated, some general bug fixes and better notifications, but there might be under the cover updates. Has anyone been brave enough to try it with their Spark yet?
  4. K

    Video hanging in flight, Spark, Controller w/iPhone 6, DJI GO 4 ver: 4.2.6

    Video hanging in flight, Spark, DJI GO 4 ver: 4.2.6. I see others reporting their DJI GO 4 apps have freezing video until they restart their Spark. I noticed this on my last couple days of flying. The GPS map allows me to fly the Spark back. iPhone 6 app, DJI GO 4 ver 4.2.6 Spark: 01.00.0900...
  5. O

    DJI GO 4

    DJI GO 4 is using about 1/2 of my battery. Cutting the battery life in half. It used about 1 GB of my data service in the last 3 weeks. It's filled my Android with files, huge number of files have been created every time I fly. So I stop the DJI GO 4 when ever I'm not using it.