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dji go

  1. J

    dji go 4 app seems to go into a restart loop every time i start it

    when I start the app I see half a second of the first intro slide with the sign in/up buttons before I get a blank white screen. then the white screen goes away and I see half a second of intro slide again before it appears again. I'm using a Motorola g4 phone. I've never had issues with the...
  2. sdharris

    DJI GO 360 Vs Hangar 360

    Today was not a great day for 360s with relatively high winds, shifting cloud cover and although the British autumn makes for nearly an all day golden hour it means the sun is low in the sky which causes stitching errors. However I thought I would try the same location with DJI GO and Hangar...
  3. MileHighSi


    I just had a quick go of TapFly. It kind of does what it says - flies towards a tapped point, which is smart. However, I was hoping for a little more once the flight begins. Chiefly, the ability to yaw the drone without it changing direction, allowing me to take autonomous panning shots...