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dji spark battery

  1. L

    Sold: Spark Intelligent Battery: $30 shipped

    I flew my Spark twice in my backyard, so this battery is practically new. I am the original owner. Comes with the box. $30 shipped. I am in Carlsbad (North coast San Diego) if you want local pick up. I have great seller ratings on eBay and FredMiranda if you want to see those.
  2. SparkOwner

    Spark battery went down to 1% according to the app

    I was looking in the app while connected to the Spark and forgot the battery was low.. (my own fault), I noticed it went down to 1% battery according to the app. I quickly turned off the Spark and charged it as normal. Anyone know if this has drained too low to hurt the battery? I know LiPo’s...
  3. BrianP

    last Q for tonight! Spark batteries...

    firstly, thank you for all the help and advice today, brill forum! Spark Batteries? Is there any model to look for? I've just seen a 'part3' battery and it made me wonder if there were different batteries... Cheers!