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dji spark cinematic

  1. GadgetInspector

    DJI Spark vs. Parrot Bebop 2 | Head to Head Which is Better?

    This is a head to head comparison of the Parrot Bebop 2 and the DJI Spark. After extended use and experience with both drones I think both are great. I tried to be thorough, so we're comparing camera quality, hover stability, build quality, software, automated features, return to home (RTH)...
  2. JoaoPedro Drone

    The best drone!!!

    Hello people, I hope you enjoy the video Thank you, Subscribe
  3. JoaoPedro Drone

    After three months

    Here I leave you a video after 3 months of my dji spark. Hope you like it. Pass on my channel and see the other videos that I have
  4. JoaoPedro Drone

    abandoned factory(Portugal) Cinematic Footage - Dji Spark

    Well folks, here I bring you some spark images. Hope you like it
  5. JoaoPedro Drone

    Finally dji spark - Cinematic video

    Dji Spark - Cinematic Footage - Ruins Thank's for watch subscribe the channel