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dji spark footage

  1. J

    Abandoned 'Art-Deco' Factory used in World War Two by Sparky

    This abandoned building is literally about 5 minutes drive from where I live so I couldn't resist making a little 'movie' when practicing with my Spark a few weeks ago. The building is very interesting, unfortunately I could not go inside it, but the external (and internal) designs are pretty...
  2. J

    Beautiful Sunrise at Thor's Stone in the Wirral, all caught by Sparky;)

    I posted a couple of videos earlier, this is a slightly older one, I'd only been flying the Spark (first time pilot) a few weeks. I think it just goes to show that you really don't need much skill or experience to capture some beautiful footage! I still have not tried different filter settings...
  3. JoaoPedro Drone

    After three months

    Here I leave you a video after 3 months of my dji spark. Hope you like it. Pass on my channel and see the other videos that I have
  4. JoaoPedro Drone

    abandoned factory(Portugal) Cinematic Footage - Dji Spark

    Well folks, here I bring you some spark images. Hope you like it
  5. JoaoPedro Drone

    Finally dji spark - Cinematic video

    Dji Spark - Cinematic Footage - Ruins Thank's for watch subscribe the channel
  6. Skyer

    Drones in the neighborhood

    Hi there! I imagine this is what a real life SimCity neighborhood would look like. This is the first video I post combining shots from both my DJI Spark and Phantom drones. As always, thanks for watching. Any comments, questions, Likes, and new subscribers are much appreciated! Skyer
  7. Mrdrono

    recycle broken Dji spark blades and it work flawlessly.

    I had a crash and mess up my blades. I wanted to do the palm lunch at night and it did not went well, it just kept flying trying to track my face and it crash into a wall anyway it crash very bad even the glass from the camera crack i ordered blades online but im to desperate to wait so i...