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dji spark video

  1. A

    Spark video

    Look this amazing video i took with dji spark I took this video with dji spark using software dji go red and dji mission. The location is opi lake and ecopoint lake in palembang city, south Sumatra, Indonesia..
  2. K

    Beach Sunrise and flying about...

    Was late for the sun peeking over the horizon but still pretty cool.
  3. K

    Flight over winery

    The Glass House Winery gave me permission to fly around their property. The light was just right for decent video.
  4. Mrdrono

    recycle broken Dji spark blades and it work flawlessly.

    I had a crash and mess up my blades. I wanted to do the palm lunch at night and it did not went well, it just kept flying trying to track my face and it crash into a wall anyway it crash very bad even the glass from the camera crack i ordered blades online but im to desperate to wait so i...