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  1. E

    Flying time bar on djigo4 app

    Hello all, I'm new here and I have looked this issue in the existing threads, as I found no entries I decided to post. My issue? The dji app suddenly stopped showing the remaining flying time while flying, I could notice the number changing as I fly but the whole figure is covered by a white...
  2. dubt

    DJI GO 4 MOD 2.0 | DJI GO 4 MOD LITE [ Additional Features | Android | App Ver. 4.1.15 ]

    I'm not responsible for any damage caused to your Android device or DJI equipment. You are accepting the risk of running modified software. Any software downloaded and installed outside of the Play Store may contain viruses or malware. I have taken as many precautions before offering this modded...
  3. dubt

    Perfect Dedicated Device for DJI Go 4

    Hi ya'll, I wanted to share the device I am using as a dedicated Spark viewfinder with my remote. I was looking at cheaper android phones with large bright screens and as big of battery as I could find and think BLU hit the nail on the head for our use case. I found the BLU Life One X3 which...
  4. O

    New DJI Pilot VR Advice

    Hey everyone, Just purchased my first DJI product (spark obviously) pretty excited I went with the fly more package. I have both a Galaxy s8 and iPhone 6+. After reading through the forum I am going to use the 6+ strictly for flying because of some of the issues and better optimization for iOS...