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  1. SlaVa

    Interesting patterns on the ice of the Minsk Sea (video)

    Hi there! RC-car on the ice, interesting patterns, similar to the footprint of a giant Big Foot - thanks to flying Spark above the Minsk Sea! :)
  2. alexino

    Above Transalpina mountain road

    Hello guys! I have the little Spark for a month, it's my first drone, I'm also a beginner in videography and I dare to show you one of my first shots taken a few days ago, in the Carpathians Mountains, on Transalpina road, Romania. I also made some photos, you can see them on my photo blog...
  3. C

    Dog attacking drone?

    Tira is a strange dog, a Gordon Setter, a hunting dog, she hates the rain and is not afraid of fireworks or drones, she´ll try to catch and eat both. We came really close to an accident off camera, but my daughter was hella woke and averted the crisis. Phew
  4. r_e_nm

    De Zwaan Windmill in my hometown

  5. N

    New Firmware Update Alert

    Hey Guys, Please update your firmware before 1st September otherwise DJI will turn off your Spark Drone. This is very important update for improvement in flight performance, goggle integration, flight compatibility.
  6. Jawis

    Stepping Stones

    100iso, 1/400, f2.6 Overcast weather. Any news on filter releases for the Spark?