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  1. Pe11e

    Clean night images with ISO 1600? No problem :)

    As we all know, Sparky doesn't have a very good sensor, resolution on 100% zoom is quite bad, and it's prone to high noise levels at higher ISO values. Took these with ISO 1600, shutter was 1/8 or 1/6, the air wasn't calm by any means so I had to keep "shorter" shutter speeds. It was pretty...
  2. I

    Shooting Video in Auto? How to use exposure lock, get rid of "roll"

    Once you master flying, then next step is better images. The DJI Spark is great in auto, but video can be better if you master exposure lock. Great way to stop exposure "roll".
  3. Wanderer

    Video: River Flight

    Flew a few rounds across the nearby river recently. Still experimenting with auto VS manual exposure. Personally, I find it somewhat cumbersome to adjust the exposure or shutter speed for every single shot so I tend to use auto mode. Therefore, this footage has been shot with all settings to auto.
  4. Wanderer

    Spark auto exposure sucks

    I am flying camera drones since a couple of years now and I am very disappointed with the auto exposure feature of the Spark. It does a poor job compared to a GoPro or even a Mobius or a 30 EUR FPV Runcam. All of these cams handle auto exposure quite well and in many cases almost unnoticeable...
  5. I

    Getting Cinematic With the DJI Spark

    If you want to get cinematic video shots with the Spark, its important to understand the whole shutter speed/frame rate relationship. Main way to slow the shutter down & not have an over exposed mess, is to use filters. Tried the Freewell ones and.... eeerrrrrr ‍♂️. Who is using what? Anyone got...